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Revolutionary rotating point jet nozzles in high-pressure water

Your innovation partner since 1989

Welcome to TEV Jäger GmbH - your innovation partner for state-of-the-art rotating point jet nozzles in the field of high pressure water jetting! We have been shaping the world of high-pressure water technology since 1989 and have established ourselves as a leading company in the development of rotating point jet nozzles and related technologies.

Our success story began with the pioneering invention of the first rotor nozzle by Anton Jäger, whose revolutionary properties were protected by a subsequent patent. Over the years, we have continuously developed our rotary point jet nozzles, in particular by optimising the speed stabilisation to ensure maximum removal rates in the high-pressure water range.

TEV Jäger GmbH stands for many years of experience, continuous innovation, outstanding quality, excellent service and absolute customer satisfaction in the high-pressure water segment.

Our expertise ranges from the development of multifunctional nozzles to special solutions that not only enable reduced water consumption, but are also individually tailored to the needs of our customers.

Our corporate philosophy is based on the pillars of experience, innovation, quality, service and customer satisfaction. We understand the challenges of our customers in the high-pressure water sector and offer customised solutions that meet the highest demands for removal performance. Our dedicated team of professionals is continuously working to integrate the latest technologies in the high-pressure water sector and develop innovative products.

Put your trust in TEV Jäger GmbH - your reliable partner for innovative, high-quality and efficient rotating point jet nozzles in the high-pressure water sector. Together we are shaping the future of high-pressure water technology!

Values are of central importance in our corporate culture at TEV Jäger GmbH. These values form the foundation on which our innovations, quality products and excellent services are built.

These values characterise our daily work and form the backbone of our company.

At TEV Jäger, we not only endeavour to offer the best products, but also to cultivate a corporate culture based on integrity, responsibility and respect.


We focus on continuous research and development to create innovative solutions in high-pressure water technology. Our pursuit of new ideas and technologies enables us to remain at the forefront of the industry.


At TEV Jäger, quality is our top priority. From design to production, we place the highest value on the quality of our products and services. Our customers can rely on receiving products of outstanding quality.

Customer satisfaction

The needs of our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We strive not only to fulfil our customers' expectations, but to exceed them. For us, customer satisfaction is the benchmark for our success.


Excellent customer service is an integral part of our philosophy. Our dedicated team is always keen to provide our customers with the best possible service - be it through personalised advice, fast deliveries or efficient problem solving.


We are aware of our responsibility for the environment. We therefore strive to find environmentally friendly solutions, be it by reducing water consumption or integrating sustainable production practices


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